According to the Canadian Gaming Association, as of 2016, gaming contributed C$13 Billion to the Canadian economy. In addition the industry employed 135,000 people who generate almost C$9 billion annually towards government and community programs and services. The demand for legal gaming options as well as the societal change and consumer tastes have resulted in the growth of the Canadian gaming scene. In this article, the focus is on a firm Canadian gambler favourite, Roulette. This may not be a roulette forum but you will be sure to learn about roulette payouts, table variations, and much more in relation to playing live roulette online. Read on to see if you can snag yourself a live roulette no deposit bonus.

What Is Live Dealer Roulette?

If you happen to be a live developer or a live operator, Roulette should be a calling since it has the capability of catering to multiples of players using a single table or croupier. This makes it obvious why you’ll always find an online live roulette table in whichever casino you choose to play at. The most popular version of Roulette, by far, is the European Roulette version (Single Zero) offering standard bets and payouts applying to it. Another really popular version is the French Roulette Version- also a single zero variant. Another option available to you is the American Table but you would be wise not to play on one.

Before we get to how to play Roulette, here’s a little history. Roulette is named after a little wheel in the French language. Way, before you could play online live roulette, Blaise Pascal created a rudimentary version in the 17th century in a bid to make a perpetual motion machine. As soon as 1769, the version currently in play today was already popular and there were adaptations by the Germans in the 19th century. The game was the most popular, both in Europe and the World over, by the end of the 19th century. Nothing popular could possibly exist without some scandal of sorts. Roulette was once assumed to have been the brainchild of the devil and the inventor since between 0 and 36, there are 666 numbers.


Beginners Guide To Live Roulette

When playing online live roulette, you have a wheel with you with discrete compartments labelled from 0 to 36. American roulette has two zeroes. The wheel may spin or a ball may spin around the wheel and subsequently come to rest inside a compartment which may be of the colour red or black. Zeroes tend to be green. You could bet on the ball landing within an individual number or in one of a group of numbers by simply placing a casino chip/chips where the number you’re betting on is written on the roulette table. A good live casino would let you bet on a single number since this equates to odds of 35:1 so a single C$ could earn you 35 more if you win.

If you would prefer safer bets, you could opt for bets such as “high or low”, “red or black” and “odd or even” which have odds of 2:1. “High or Low” as you would have probably figured is when you either bet on the “high” numbers between 19 and 36 or the “low” numbers between 1 and 18. Other bets you could place include a choice of two adjacent numbers called a “split”, or three numbers lined up called a “street”, a “six-line” comprised of two streets adjacent to each other with online live roulette sites allowing you to bet on “dozens” (groups of twelve, as you have probably summised).

Roulette Payouts

Roulette payouts are mighty straightforward and are stated in the format of X to 1 where X is the possible earnings you stand to win for every 1 dollar you stake. Betting on a single number has a payout of 35x to 1. On the outside bets (bets outside the 36-7 numbers in a grid), you stand to win 2 to 1 on your Dozens and your Columns bets. Columns are bets on groups of 12 numbers as organized on the grid. “Red or Black”, “Odd or Even” or “Low or High” get you 1 to 1 only.

Certain roulette payouts give a very high value but happen more rarely. These are the inside bets. They include the straight-up bet where you bet on a single number and if you win you get 35x your bet, the split bet which happens just as few times where you bet on two numbers adjacent to each other, if you’re feeling sadistic, you could play the five-number bet and possibly get yourself a 6 to 1 payout on your bets for staking it on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Finally, you could bet on the six-number bet which covers two adjoining rows of numbers paying out at 5 to 1.

Live Roulette Table Variations

People who choose to play online live roulette from the comfort of their living room couches have been provided with several different variations from which they can pick. Any gambling software provider worth mentioning has a couple titles in store that host a variety of features including sleek design and an easy-to-use interface. Some of the variants available are optimized for mobile devices giving roulette players the ability to bet while even in a bus on their way to work. The issue for players arises in picking which game to play because there is so much to choose from.

  • European Roulette, quite easily the most popular Roulette variation out there
  • American Roulette which has 2 zeroes bringing the house advantage to 5.26%
  • French Roulette: Much like European Roulette only French names are used on the table
  • Speed Roulette, a variant which takes only 25 seconds to move from spin to spin which is 50% the amount of time taken under normal circumstances
  • Live Double Ball Roulette from Evolution Gaming where a dealer presses a butto shooting two balls from a patented device delivering two winning numbers from only one spin

Bonuses And Promotions

There’s no better way to play online live roulette than with bonus money– only then can you really be adventurous. If you would like to set the inner animal free on the wheels, you could cash in on a bonus from Ruby Fortune Casino which grants you a C$750 bonus given to you over a period of 3 days. On day one you get a 100% match-up on amounts to C$100, on day two you get 50% on amounts up to C$200 and on day three you get a 25% bonus on amounts up to C$400.

To really get the roulette live party going, here’s another bonus: Betway Casino is offering you a C$1,500 bonus that is also granted to you over a period of 3 days. On day one, you get 100% match-up on amounts up to C$250. Day two sees you receive 25% on amounts up to C$250 and finally day three sees you get 50% on amounts up to C$500. To claim this bonus as well as the Ruby Fortune Casino bonus, you simply need to make an initial deposit of at least C$20 within the first five days of your registration.

Play Live Roulette For Free

Roulette is a game fancied by the world’s high rollers as well as the more conservative players as it is fast paced and the winnings are good. The game also has easily implemented rules but success here is generated when your bets are placed accurately. Becoming better at placing correct bets involves practise through free roulette play. Casinos don’t let you play roulette live for free or for real money without a casino account. Just register and select “try the demo for free” or “play for free” and proceed to play as you would with real money using the credits awarded to you. Now that you are playing risk-free, you could be sure to look at and register more mentally and not simply anticipate the number that is going to be generated. You could also proceed to test out a strategy.

Dealer Interaction And Etiquette

Roulette Etiquette is observed closely by casinos and shall not cease to exist as long as people play the game. Roulette etiquette is a set of unspoken rules that gamers are expected to adhere to. One such rule is to ask someone closer to the table to place your chips on for you if you cannot reach as simply tossing your chips onto the table could displace another’s chips. You should also refrain from asking for advice from other players and opt to simply watch the game or wait and participate in a roulette forum online. One should also refrain from gloating about wins or being loud when he/she wins a spin. Keep from mocking those who lose as well as it will only work to raise tempers. Keep from touching the chips on the table while the dealer is paying out earnings or when all people have placed their bets. The dealer is always sure to announce when to place your bets.

Responsible Gambling At The Roulette Table

In order to keep online live roulette fun, it is imperative that you keep yourself in line. This is by following the following rules: Never gamble for any reason apart from entertainment. You should therefore not gamble to create your living. Subsequently, never stake anything you are not ready to lose. In fact, expect to lose. Think of losses positively as the cost of your entertainment and never chase your losses. To keep losses to a minimum, never raise stakes to compensate for losses, set a time limit and a dollar limit and stick to it and never gamble with your credit card. Educate yourself on responsible gambling as well in order to keep problems at bay.

Summary Of Live Dealer Roulette

After taking the time to do your research into live Roulette, it should become rather obvious how easy the game is. In fact, most of the fun to be had in playing roulette is in anticipating the win – feeling the adrenaline jolting through your body. All it is is a wheel with 36 different compartments numbered from 1-36 and coloured red and black with the number 0 being coloured green. You simply place your bets by choosing the payout you would prefer on the table and placing your chips on it up until when the croupier decides there shall be no more bets and then you wait for the result. Players know that bets can be categorized as inside or outside bets with the inside ones recognised as the best.

Your new knowledge should leave you confident to take on the table at any number of reputable online casinos. Get your chips and enjoy your time.

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